Maria & Saul

Maria and Saul


Maria and Saul’s second child, William, began attending Metropolitan’s Head Start program in Addison at the same time the Addison Children’s Center was being built on the other side of the parking lot. Their family support worker, Marcela, asked if they wanted to enroll their two youngest children, 2-year-old Sophia and 1-year-old Saul, when it opened.

They jumped at the chance. William had thrived in Head Start, and having quality child care for Sophia and Saul meant Maria was able to attend GED classes.

“It’s like they say, it’s not a day care. It’s Early Head Start. They are preparing the kids for what school will be like,” Maria said. “It’s a really big help and the kids are learning.” Maria has seen both children’s vocabulary improve dramatically, and both are able to eat by themselves. Sophia, 2, is now potty trained.

Marcela has been able to help them in many ways, Maria said. From home visits to temporary rent assistance, “it has been a great experience,” Maria said.