A holistic approach

Transforming communities one strong family at a time

Metropolitan Family Services provides a wide variety of programs and services designed to strengthen families and help them realize their full potential. Part mentor, part motivator, part advocate, Metropolitan empowers families to learn, to earn, to heal and to thrive through services provided in four key areas:

• Education
• Empowerment
• Emotional Wellness
• Economic Stability


Families Mpowered Through Our Services

We served more than 93,106 individuals and families each year.

Education opens the door to possibilities

From Head Start to college prep to classes for new parents – education is the foundation of success.

21,451 CLIENTS

95% of children met or exceeded national education standards

Employment for opportunity

We equip strong, self-sustaining families with the tools needed to find and maintain employment, gain financial literacy, build self sufficiency and achieve a positive work/life balance.


1,540 youth and adults completed job readiness training last year. 453 clients held jobs for longer than a year, 449 increased their wages and 619 people improved their credit score.

Healthy minds for healthy futures

We offer holistic counseling and mental health services, compassionate violence prevention programs, and assistance for older adults and their caregivers.

20,030 CLIENTS

Our adult mental health programs, which provide case management and counseling for adults faced with mental illnesses, helped 97% of clients successfully stay in their communities, avoiding psychiatric hospitalization. 98% were able to maintain their housing.

Everyone deserves a voice

We provide a wide range of essential legal services for cases of domestic violence, family and elder law, housing and consumer issues.

15,703 CLIENTS

10,405 hours donated by pro bono attorneys, $610,745 awarded in child support, and $504,370 secured for domestic violence survivors.